The VS870 is a standalone solution for video format conversion and processing. It accepts a number of video inputs and displays these in a full screen or windowed / picture-in-picture format on its video outputs. A powerful FPGA is used to provide flexible buffering, scaling and processing of multiple simultaneous video streams: each source may be displayed full screen or within a programmable window; the Z-order of windows is programmable to control the results of overlapping windows; overlay of one video source over another is supported, with transparency controlled separately within multiple programmable regions and/or via chroma keying; a character generator provides support for a text overlay with user defined characters as well as programmable foreground and background colours and/or transparency. Additional capabilities such as simple graphics may be provided by firmware customisations.

Key Features

  • Standalone video switching format conversion and overlay card
  • Up to four video (PAL, NTSC or analog RGB inputs)
  • PAL/NTSC or VGA output
  • Full screen, windowed, picture in picture display
  • Video over video display with transparency
  • Character generator for text overlay with user defined characters
  • Specification

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