Effectively manage sensor data overload
There is ever greater demand for on-platform capabilities to handle the vast quantity of sensor-generated data and turn it into actionable intelligence. The rugged small form factor MAGIC1 display computer combines state-of-the-art CPU technology with the latest graphics processing units (GPUs) to deliver unprecedented levels of performance for such rugged applications. Where the platform is unmanned, the ability to provide a higher level of intelligence and autonomy to the platform can lead to increased mission capability, and reduce operator overload by presenting only relevant information for human-in-the-loop processing.

Accelerated time to market, time to action
To bring sophisticated data processing and analysis applications to market quickly, environments such as CUDA™, OpenCL™ and MATLAB® are available for application development. This support extends the capabilities of rugged mobile platforms and provides timely, actionable intelligence.

Expertise equals success
Providing graphics solutions to the military/defense and industrial markets for more than 20 years, GE understands in image processing, video and graphics, and has subject matter experts to assist customers in choosing the right solution for any environment, whether in a laboratory or for deployment where shock, vibration, and high operating temperature are threats to reliability.

Key Features

  • High performance display computer
  • CUDA enabled compute node
  • Leading edge graphics performance
  • CPU options
  • – Intel® 3rd Gen Core™ i7
  • – Intel 2nd Gen Core i7
  • GPU options
  • – NVIDIA® EXK107
  • – Intel® Graphics 3000
  • – Intel® 4500MHD integrated graphics
  • Multiple video standards
  • Dual Channel Output
  • Up to 256 GBytes solid state disk
  • Baseplate, convection or forced air cooled
  • Specification


    • Intel Core i7-3612QE @ 2.1 GHz
    • GPU
    • NVIDIA EXK107 384-core GPU
    • Intel HD Graphics 3000 integrated graphics
    • Intel 4500MHD integrated graphics
    • Memory

    • Up to 8 GBs DDR3 SDRAM
    • Storage

    • 8x GB Flash

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