Long design cycles and high validation costs make it difficult for OEMs building computerized and networked systems to keep up with the latest processor technologies. Yet, processors deployed in harsh environments need to deliver the utmost performance at all times, under any condition.

The COM6-P1100 module is well-suited for OEMs designing real-time embedded computing platforms into equipment for industrial or harsh environments. This durable COM Express solution delivers high performance coupled with low power consumption, reduced overall design cycle and lower validation costs.

The COM6-P1100 takes advantage of the PowerPC QorIQ P1 family processor to deliver embedded real-time computing for harsh environments. It offers ultimate durability, high performance, and low power consumption.

Key Features

  • Rugged design with soldered components
  • • Reliable computing capabilities for applications needing higher immunity to shock and vibration
  • Freescale QorIQ P1 family processors in varying levels of performance-per-watt
  • • Delivers high performance coupled with low power consumption
  • • Configure the module for the level of performance-per-watt your application requires
  • Dynamic thermal management
  • • Enables controlled system shutdown to avoid damage to equipment
  • • Offers cost saving by allowing simulation in the lab before conducting field tests
  • Flexible options
  • • Additional shock and vibration protection
  • • Extended operating temperature range for environments with temperature extremes
  • Specification


    • Freescale QorIQ P1 family processor, soldered
    • – P1022 dual core
    • Core / CLB / DDR3 data frequency SoC Power
    • 1066 / 533 / 667 MHz Typ. 4.5 W
    • 800 / 400 / 667 MHz Typ. 4.1 W
    • – P1013 single core
    • 800 / 400 / 667 MHz Typ. 3.9 W
    • Memory

    • Supports up to 8 GB* of DDR3 with up to 800 MHz
    • data rate. Soldered, 64bits + ECC
    • * depends on used operating system
    • • Supports 16MByte serial NOR boot flash
    • Additional 16MByte serial NOR emergency flash
    • • Option: NAND Flash Support – ask factory

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