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Varisys is typically contracted by system level suppliers, who need to focus on application specific areas of their business whilst taking advantage of our board level expertise to achieve a rapid, low risk route to market with new product developments.

Varisys produces platforms usually with powerful FPGAs and low power processors in ARM and PowerPC (QorIQ) architectures to meet customer requirements. Our engineers work based on comprehensive requirements specifications or conceptual information to produce complete designs. These designs are passed to our production team who control the product's manufacturing process and work with hardware engineers to bring products to life and test ready for delivery to our customers.

Our portfolio of custom design and build expertise is always growing. Varisys is highly experienced with video processing requirements for varied end-uses including in the broadcast, military and aerospace industries. Our military experience with video is also wide ranging with significant work on 00-82 (Video over Ethernet) in both software and firmware based designs. These designs have been used in several land vehicle programmes in the UK and abroad.

We encounter many projects requiring custom storage and I/O solutions for challenging environments, and have delivered on major avionics, submarine and Electronic Counter Meaasures (ECM) programmes.

Our in-house capability allows us to specify complete hardware sub-systems for our customers to deploy their application specific software on. We have the ability to design enclosures and integrate a complete set of custom and commercial-off-the-shelf hardware. See our System Integration section here.

We understand the long-term nature of our customer's business and have been involved in supplying and supporting programmes for over 10 years. Working with Varisys for your custom hardware platform requirements ensures you can make use of the vast experience we have in proven design building blocks, strategic component choice and key supplier relationships. 

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