The growing use of COTS is evident in many companies where efforts are being made to reduce time to market, costs and risk. Varisys offers our own standard products and provides a comprehensive range of COTS products through partnerships with companies like GE Intelligent Platforms, North Atlantic Industries and SECO.

The COTS products available come in three main categories: commercial, industrial and military/aerospace specification. Within these categories processor boards, avionics, video and graphics boards, image processing, rugged power supplies and other solutions are available.


Our commercial range of products are predominantly supplied by SECO or our own standard products. SECO provide a range of x86 and ARM processor modules in Q7, COM Express and other form factors that operate in a 0 – 60oC temperature range. These solutions are cost-effective and provide flexibility to system level suppliers. Varisys is able to provide bespoke carrier boards suitable for the application. This approach allows the customer to upgrade the module to a newer processor should the existing one go obsolete or more performance is needed, without re-designing the entire system.


The Industrial range is supplemented by all three of our partners and provided in form factors from Q7 and COM Express to 3U and 6U VME, cPCI and VPX boards. These boards are able to operate between -40 and +85oC and are used in a range of applications such as ANPR, in-vehicle PCs, power monitoring and industrial automation.

Military and Aerospace (Rugged)

Varisys provides air and conduction cooled conformally coated boards suitable for the harshest land, naval and airborne environments. Our product line is supplemented with North Atlantic’s rugged multi-function I/O boards, rugged power supplies as well as GE-IP’s single board computer, avionics and video solutions.

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